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Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Critical incident mapping is part of the overall StrataSite deliverable.

YES. StrataSite critical incident mapping enables file export to compatible with most popular safety applications. 

YES, Users may upload building floorplans including room labels, hallway names, external door or stairwell numbers, locations of hazards, key utility locations, key boxes, automated external defibrillators, and trauma kits.

YES. Grid coordinate overlays are available for all critical incident mapping.

YES. Critical incident mapping with StrataSite is easily shared digitally, and is also printable.

StrataSite is a wholly owned, USA based software company with offices in Ohio and Michigan.

StrataSite offers yearly or multi-year agreements.

There is no need to install any software. StrataSite is secure, browser-based web application platform. StrataSite can be accessed via any web enabled device.

Not necessarily. StrataSite can be deployed for individual users, small or large municipalities, state governments or private companies. Contact StrataSite for details on our affordable subscription plan options.

YES. Contact us today to discuss your grant funding opportunities. See our Articles section for updates regarding grant compliance.

YES. StrataSite critical incident mapping meets and exceeds grant funding requirements specified per Michigan House Bill No.6012  --   funding the development of detailed layouts for school buildings across the state. 

Yes. Download here and pass it around.

StrataSite is a software tool to support the collaborative pre-planning of active mass casualty events. The plans can be used in real time to alter the impact of a mass casualty event, but the main focus of the platform is to prepare responders for active threats. Clearly illustrating Primary Initial Responsibilities (PIR), for quick, coordinated response is the key.

Yes. StrataSite can be connected to SSO providers, however we recommend contacting us directly to discuss details.

Yes. StrataSite utilizes templates that are based on best practices from DHS, EMA, (others), but the templates are easily customized to suit your community and response nomenclature.

Yes, simply contact us to set up an account and start building plans for your community. Our free trial period allows you time to try before you sign a subscription plan.

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“StrataSite gives my team the online tools to build comprehensive active threat plans with the speed and accuracy that we never had before. It's a game changer.”

- Sheriff Michael E. Heldman | Hancock County, Ohio


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