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Saving Lives with Collaborative Planning Technology.

Our organization is founded by career law enforcement and municipal safety professionals, including nationally recognized speakers and instructors of university-level and Department of Homeland Security threat management curriculum.

Over 30 years of experience in safety management clearly identified a serious challenge to our team. We needed to streamline the traditional tabletop planning process and bridge communication gaps between responders that can result in lost time and other costly inefficiencies during a crisis situation.

The result is StrataSite: the only secure, cloud-based platform that enables you to easily collaborate, create and deploy critical incident  mapping and planning for active mass casualty incidents, to all relevant stakeholders.

Our Mission

Save lives with best-of-class technology that simply enables collaboration and coordinated threat management between public and private sector responders.

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“StrataSite gives my team the online tools to build comprehensive active threat plans with the speed and accuracy that we never had before. It's a game changer.”

- Sheriff Michael E. Heldman | Hancock County, Ohio


Contact us to schedule a short StrataSite demo, discuss your specific needs, and receive a quotation for estimated pricing. Also, sign-up for a no obligation trial.