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Emergency Response Map Funding for Texas Schools

Texas Legislature has increased school safety and security requirements and the grant funding available for the development of emergency response programs. The recently passed House Bill No. 3 mandates the development of a multihazard emergency operations plan (EOP) and emergency response map to ensure an organized, synchronized response with local agencies to any number of threats.

StrataSite™ emergency response mapping and emergency operations planning are GIS-compatible to meet funding criteria as defined by Sections 37.108 and 37.117 of House Bill No. 3. 
- Scott Lowry, StrataSite President

“The recent passing of House Bill No. 3, with funding through the School Safety Standards Formula Grant and Senate Bill 11 School Safety Allotment, is a testament to the Texas Legislature’s firm commitment to ensuring their students and faculty remain safe on campus,” said Scott Lowry, president of StrataSite. “These initiatives have allocated millions in funding to ensure Texas schools are secure and prepared for any emergent situation.”

Lowry stated that StrataSite™ emergency response mapping and emergency operations planning are GIS-compatible to meet funding criteria as defined by Sections 37.108 and 37.117 of House Bill No. 3, as follows:


Each school district or public junior college district shall adopt and implement a multihazard emergency operations plan for use in the district's facilities. The plan must address prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery as defined by the Texas School Safety Center in conjunction with the governor's office of homeland security, the commissioner of education, and the commissioner of higher education. The plan must provide for:

  1. training in responding to an emergency for district employees, including substitute teachers;
  2. measures to ensure district employees, including substitute teachers, have classroom access to a telephone, including a cellular telephone, or another electronic communication device allowing for immediate contact with district emergency services or emergency services agencies, law enforcement agencies, health departments, and fire departments;
  3. measures to ensure district communications technology and infrastructure are adequate to allow for communication during an emergency;
  4. if the plan applies to a school district, mandatory school drills and exercises, including drills required under Section 37.114, to prepare district students and employees for responding to an emergency;
  5. measures to ensure coordination with the Department of State Health Services and local emergency management agencies, law enforcement, health departments, and fire departments in the event of an emergency;
  6. the implementation of a safety and security audit as required by Subsection (b); and
  7. any other requirements established by the Texas School Safety Center in consultation with the agency and relevant local law enforcement agencies.


Each school district and open-enrollment charter school shall provide to the Department of Public Safety and all appropriate local law enforcement agencies and emergency first responders: 

  1. an accurate map of each district campus and school building that is developed and documented in accordance with the standards described by Section 37.351 related to developing site and floor plans, access control, and exterior door numbering; and 
  2. an opportunity to conduct a walk-through of each district campus and school building using the map described by Subdivision(1).

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