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Planning a public event can be an enormous undertaking that comes with the immense responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all staff and attendees. From concerts to festivals to sports matches and more, a comprehensive safety plan is essential to organizing any public event to ensure all stakeholders are prepared to respond effectively to any number of potential threats. Read on to learn the best practices in safety planning for large-scale public events.

An emergency operations plan (EOP) and incident action plan (IAP) serve different purposes in emergency preparedness planning. Do you know the difference between the two? And are they enough to ensure all stakeholders can effectively respond to a critical incident at your school?

In the event of an active threat on your school’s campus, is your emergency operations plan (EOP) enough to protect students and staff?

When the unthinkable happens on school grounds, a coordinated response by all stakeholders is key to saving lives. Scott Lowry, StrataSite™ Founder and President, and Matt Cooper, Findlay School Board President and Battalion Chief of the Findlay Fire Department, joined Jeff Smith on WTOL’s Leading Edge to discuss StrataSite’s capabilities and the successful countywide adoption and deployment of the StrataSite™ Active Threat Plan™ by Hancock County law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. 

Due to a recent amendment to the School Safety Drill Act, grant funding is now available for Illinois schools to obtain crisis response mapping data to provide to local emergency response authorities. This opportunity can help ensure that local first responders have critical site-specific information of each school, including detailed floor plans with labeling of entrance/exit locations, to help protect and save lives during emergency situations.

Emergency preparedness for maintaining student safety while at school remains a priority for educational institutions across the United States. But are the same safety considerations given for after-school events?

In addition to a number of existing grant programs designed to increase safety and security at Ohio schools, Ohio Legislature recently passed House Bill No. 33 to expand funding under the State of Ohio Security Grant (OSG) Program. The OSG program was established to mitigate security vulnerabilities in Ohio schools and thereby reduce the risk and potential impact of terrorist threats and attacks.

Oklahoma Legislature passed multiple bills in 2023 to improve the safety and security of educational environments. Senate Bill 101 and House Bills 2903 and 2904 were initiated to aid public schools, technology center schools, private schools and institutions of higher learning in strengthening preparedness for active threats and purchasing new safety equipment.

StrataSite is honored to be named a Top 10 Resilience Solution for Smart Governance, 2023. This spotlight comes amidst a record 650 applicants from 80 countries participating in the ongoing QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, sponsored by Leading Cities.

Texas Legislature has increased school safety and security requirements and the grant funding available for the development of emergency response programs. The recently passed House Bill No. 3 mandates the development of a multihazard emergency operations plan (EOP) and emergency response map to ensure an organized, synchronized response with local agencies to any number of threats.

With the passing of House Bill No. 1492, Indiana schools are now eligible to use funds from the Secured School Safety Grant (SSSG) for a wider breadth of school safety expenses. This expansion includes funding for the development of critical incident digital mapping and other technology for expediting notification of emergency response agencies and facilitating a coordinated response.

StrataSite is primed to assist Florida public schools with emergency response school mapping data that meets funding requirements as specified per Florida House Bill No. 301.

StrataSite announced that the company is a qualified vendor-resource for Wisconsin schools as they submit grant applications for the development of critical incident digital mapping data – part of the state’s 2021 Wisconsin Act 109, Digital Mapping of School Buildings-2022.

StrataSite critical incident mapping meets and exceeds grant funding requirements specified per Michigan House Bill No.6012.

Looking to streamline your emergency preparedness planning process? Discover StrataSite™, the only secure, cloud-based tool that helps your organization address a variety of emergency situations.

Higher education institutions need to prioritize comprehensive emergency planning to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Discover what an emergency operations plan includes, as well as how to properly train on and execute the plan.

If an emergency situation were to arise, is your school prepared? Learn how to develop a comprehensive emergency operations plan for your school through this interview with Bill Titley, law enforcement officer and former school resource officer.

Training on emergency preparedness plans is crucial for effective plan execution should the need arise. Learn more through this discussion with Rodger Norcross, former fire chief and law enforcement officer.

Human-perpetrated events, like an active shooter incident, are often unexpected and unpredictable. Scott Lowry, StrataSite™ president and crisis management expert, discusses what you need to know to effectively prepare for and respond to a threat.

A secure and successful event begins with a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. Through this interview with Scott Lowry, president of StrataSite™ and crisis management expert, you’ll discover how to prioritize event risk management through a collaborative emergency action plan.

An emergency situation can arise at your organization at any time. Are you prepared? Learn why comprehensive emergency preparedness planning is critical and how a collaborative approach can help minimize the chaos.

Collaboration among key stakeholders is imperative when creating an emergency preparedness plan, but it often can be challenging to streamline communications. See how to improve the planning process.

Proper planning for a hazardous materials emergency situation is necessary for the safety of your employees, the first responders and the facility itself. Learn how to effectively prepare through this interview with Rodger Norcross, former fire chief and law enforcement officer.

Scott Lowry, StrataSite™ president and crisis management expert, discusses the challenges of creating a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. Hear his insights on how to address these challenges and the tools that can help streamline the creation process.

Effectively planning and training for safety and compliance within hazardous work environments is crucial. Discover how to develop a thorough emergency preparedness plan to accurately address the unique considerations of a hazardous workplace.

A new pandemic can emerge at any time—and ensuring that your municipality is prepared to address it is critical. Learn how to develop a thorough pandemic preparedness plan to ensure an optimal response during an emergency.

Through this podcast presented by the All Hazards Training Center, hear crisis management expert Scott Lowry discuss today’s challenges with emergency preparedness planning and offer a solution for a proactive response. 

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your organization is essential—and developing a thorough and integrated emergency preparedness plan supporting your emergency operations plan can help with this. Discover what you need to consider when building your plan and which technologies can help streamline the process.

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“StrataSite gives my team the online tools to build comprehensive active threat plans with the speed and accuracy that we've never had before. It's a game changer.”

- Sheriff Michael E. Heldman | Hancock County, Ohio


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